Block Management Added to MTTRAX (Montana)

Block Management Added to MTTRAX (Montana)

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products is excited to announce the release of Block Management Areas (BMA) for MT.  The BMA program is a program of cooperation between Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and private land owners.  The program helps landowners manage hunting activities and provides the public with free hunting access to private land, and sometimes to adjacent or isolated public lands.

There are unique rules and regulations pertaining to Block Management Land. You can read more about this program here.

Information Included:42996

  • BMA #
  • BMA Name
  • Registration Type
  • Date of BMA Data


  • Transparent with red dots. This allows you to see through the BMA land to see if the land underneath is public or private
  • Extra thick red/black border to make the BMA border very easy to see
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