Garmin Hunt View Maps

Garmin has recently released their Hunt View product for a limited number of states including Montana. Both TRAX maps and Hunt View maps have a map for Montana, so we can use it for a comparison. Some people may ask how does it compare to MTTRAX for instance. Here is a comparison based on the information available when the Hunt View product released in mid-October 2014.

  1. MTTRAX contains Block Management Area lands and Open Fields information; Hunt View does not.
  2. MTTRAX can run on any Garmin which accepts a memory card such as Automotive Nuvis; Hunt View only works on handhelds.
  3. MTTRAX has hunting units for Elk, Bear, Goat, Antelope, Sheep, and Moose; Hunt View does not.
  4. MTTRAX contains contact telephone numbers on 50% of private land records; Hunt view does not.
  5. MTTRAX is a layered map allowing features to be turned off and on; Hunt View is not
  6. MTTRAX is updated twice per year; Hunt View will not provide updates. The product must be purchased again.
  7. MTTRAX contains fishing, hiking, camping and other data such as Fishing Access Sites; Hunt View does not.
  8. MTTRAX can be purchased individually or as part of the 8 state Western Bundle including Montana; Hunt View is a single state only.
  9. Hunt View has satellite imagery: TRAX maps can work with satellite imagery if you download birds eye satellite imagery to your internal memory of your GPS. With layers, you then can have a more optimized combination map vs the Hunt View solution.
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Another Success Story with TRAX maps

WOW! – – you came through for Jordan (my 15 year-old son) and I this past Sunday…  Jordan filled his Montana antelope buck tag on an isolated piece of Montana State Land that we never would have found without your product.

Following Jordan’s successful stalk, we went to scout for some pheasant ground near Baker, MT.  Just happened to spot a flock of turkeys on a HALF SECTION of State Land that had a creek bed running through it that lent itself to a stalk.  We had 3 turkey tags left to fill – – made a decent stalk to within 35 yards and put 3 young Toms on the deck to end the day and fill out ALL of our remaining turkey tags.IMG_0698
Never would have known we had the opportunity for those turkeys on Public Land without TraxWest.  (The photo of YOUNG 12 Year Old Jordan with the big Tom was our first spring turkey taken on Montana State Land north of Billings more than three years ago.)  Thanks for a great product.  Best,  Duane
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Block Management Added to MTTRAX (Montana)

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products is excited to announce the release of Block Management Areas (BMA) for MT.  The BMA program is a program of cooperation between Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and private land owners.  The program helps landowners manage hunting activities and provides the public with free hunting access to private land, and sometimes to adjacent or isolated public lands.

There are unique rules and regulations pertaining to Block Management Land. You can read more about this program here.

Information Included:42996

  • BMA #
  • BMA Name
  • Registration Type
  • Date of BMA Data


  • Transparent with red dots. This allows you to see through the BMA land to see if the land underneath is public or private
  • Extra thick red/black border to make the BMA border very easy to see
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Another Successful Outdoor Adventure Using TRAX Maps

A few weeks back, we exchanged a series of emails about your IDtrax software for my Garmin etrex GPS. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the excellent product and personal customer service.  Your map software made it possible for me to accomplish a “bucket list” item and hike to a trail-less mountain lake and catch my first ever golden trout.

I’ve included a few pictures so you can see what you helped me accomplish.  I am very grateful–it was an incredibly difficult hike, but the rewards were worth it.
If ever the need arises, you may use me as a reference for your company and products.  I’m very impressed.
Take care,
Kelly Palmer,
Troy, MT
IMG_4919_1 IMG_4927_1 IMG_4975a_1 b_1 IMG_4929_1 IMG_4961_1a_1
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One of the most common questions we receive at Kirsch’s Outdoor Products, is should I buy TRAX or TRAX+. The only difference is the TRAX+ version includes a 24K topo (elevation) layer. At times, the elevation lines can clutter the map if they are not being used. Upland game, predator, and waterfowl hunting are three activity examples where topo isn’t typically used. Elk hunting or hiking in the mountains are some activities where topo is often required.

Over time as the popularity of TRAX maps have increased and with the focus on the Western States, the demand for the TRAX (non-topo) version continues to decrease. Also, all TRAX maps are built with layers and topo is one of the layers on the + version. See the following support tip if you have a Garmin released since 2012 and cannot see layers.  Layering allows a person the ability to turn the topo off and on. Due to these factors, 2013 is the last year the non-topo version (TRAX) maps will be sold as all maps in 2014 will be TRAX+ maps.

As the size of the maps will increase, many TRAX users will require larger capacity cards in 2014 which will be taken care of as part of the standard update process.

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What GPS should I get?

The type of GPS someone should get to run TRAX maps is probably the most common question I receive. Although I don’t sell GPS units, my business requires that I use dozens of them. In general, my products currently work on 3 different GPS types including Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance. My company does not sell GPS units so there is no benefit in it for me to be biased towards one brand or another.

Garmin leads the industry and has options ranging from automotives, handhelds, 2-way radios, dog-collars and more. Their antennas on the newer style units in the last 3-4 years are outstanding. The microsd/SD memory cards can be swapped between their units and work great. For handhelds, I like the Oregon series if you need a touch screen GPS and the 64S if you need a hard-screen (buttons). The 64S is the most rugged unit and has the best antenna but I like touch screens personally. The Oregon 600 series has just released and is worth some investigation as it has a brighter more sensitive screen than the previous 450 and 550 series. If you like a smaller profile GPS, the Dakota 20 should be a nice fit. If you are on a tight budget, the recommendation would go towards the affordable but still powerful eTrex 20. The Montana series are nice big GPS units, but for some they are too big for field and not big enough for the truck.

On the automotive front, there are so many great options which all bear the brand Nuvi or Drive series. You almost can’t go wrong with any of the Nuvis. I like all the 5″, 6″ and 7″ varieties of the Drive and DriveSmart series. I recommended the Nuvi 1450 for many years but recent changes in the unit have caused some rebooting issues in map areas with high details, so I am no longer recommending this GPS. I just purchased their new 7″ 2757 LM Nuvi. So far, it has impressed me but as with any new GPS, there will be pro’s and con’s and it is too soon to give my stamp of approval.

The only currently sold Garmins that won’t work with TRAX maps are any unit which does not accept a memory card as well as the marine units. All maps are delivered via a pre-loaded microSD/SD card.

Magellan had a very strong presence in the GPS industry late in the 90’s and early in 2000’s. Kirsch’s Outdoor Products created maps for Magellan eXplorist series GPS units for more than 2 years. However, all Magellan map development was discontinued at the end of 2013 to focus our resources on the Garmin product line.

Lowrance makes great marine depth-finders, but their GPS technology has had issues. With the release of the Endura line of handhelds, Lowrance has continually lost market share in the handheld line. In addition, there handhelds require different map formats than the fishfinders, so 2012 was the last year for development of TRAX maps for Lowrance GPS units. This has been done to allow Kirsch’s Outdoor Products to focus on the Garmin product line.

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2013 Sportman’s Show

Come see us at the Red River Valley Sportmen’s Show at the Fargodome! We’ll be in Booth #87 and can’t wait to show you our 2013 line up of products!
Thursday, March 7 – 5pm-9pm
Friday, March 8 – 12pm-9pm
Saturday, March 9 – 10am-6pm
Sunday, March 10 – 10am-6pm

Thank you to all who attended the show. It was a pleasure to speak to all of you. The lucky winner of the Garmin Dakota 20 is Kalvin Hoff from Fargo, ND. Congratulations.

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