Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

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Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

This issue could occur in Rino Series GPS units but also to other Garmins. Over the years, Garmin has allowed memory cards to be formatted in many different ways as well as supported many different memory card sizes. As our maps work in Garmin GPS units ranging from new to as old as 10 years old, we are always doing our  best to produce cards which will work in the … Continue reading

Garmin Map Layers

The TRAX maps were designed to allow users the ability to turn off key areas/layers of the map. This allows a customized map experience with the level of detail desired. TRAX map layers are typically found under Setup – Map – Info. The navigation to this area varies for different Garmin units. Newer Garmin handhelds manufactured since 2013 may need a format change to view layers. You can read more about … Continue reading

Merging Garmin Maps

We get numerous requests asking if other Garmin maps can be merged to TRAX maps . Some of the common examples include wanting Garmin City Navigator maps on a handheld along with the TRAX maps. Kirsch’s Outdoor Products does not claim compatibility with any additional Garmin map sets. Also, it is highly recommended you do not write any additional mapsets to your TRAX card. This is due to the fact that Garmin … Continue reading

Larger Capacity Cards

The largest capacity cards Kirsch’s Outdoor Products utilizes for development of Garmin maps are 2GB memory cards. We do not recommend or support having multiple maps on the same card. Some of the reasons include: Many Garmin units have a programmed limit of map sizes of 2GB. Many Garmin do not allow multiple map sets to exist on one card. The update tool and update process would not work correctly if … Continue reading

Oregon (any Garmin touchscreen) GPS Missing TRAX Data

One of the most common support calls we get has to do with all Garmin touchscreen GPS models with the Oregon being the most common. The calls vary but it typically has to do with some of the TRAX elements appearing but not all of them. Some examples of display issues may be where the land shows but no roads show or section lines do not show. Garmin does not have a … Continue reading


Through 2013, Garmin TRAX maps were available as TRAX and TRAX+. The only difference was the + version had a 24k topo layer. However, the majority of sales were TRAX+. Due to this, to help alleviate confusion between products, for 2014 and beyond we discontinued creating TRAX maps which didn’t have elevation contours. If you wish to turn off topography, this is possible due to layering. Starting with the 16.1 updates, … Continue reading

TRAXWest – 8 states vs 10

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products has always stated the states included for TRAXWest+ may change. As we have included more data over the last few years, the TRAX+ map sizes have grown as well. Due to Garmin restrictions on map sizes, ID was moved from TRAXWest+ late in 2012 to TRAXNW+. TRAXNW+ consists of ID, OR, and WA. For 2013, MN has been removed from TRAXWest leaving ND, MT, WY, CO, UT, NV, AZ, and … Continue reading

Where Do Land Owner Telephone Numbers Come From?

Land Owner contact telephone numbers where added to the TRAX maps for all states which have private land ownership included in 2013. Without giving away any confidential information on how the telephone numbers are derived, we can say the private land ownership information comes from the individual counties. This does not include telephone numbers. The telephone numbers are derived from a totally different set of data. A matching system is … Continue reading

I insert the memory card and nothing happens?

There is often no visual evidence anything has changed. However, when looking at the state, the first evidence is typically the hunting lands will begin to appear. The most common reasons for nothing happening include:. The GPS requires a SD card and the microSD has not been inserted into the SD adapter. The GPS requires a microSD card but the sliding lock securing the memory card is not slid down to … Continue reading

Can I copy the maps in case my SD card becomes damaged?

THE MAPS CANNOT BE LEGALLY SENT TO ANY OTHER PERSON, DECOMPILED, OR COPIED IN ANY MANNER. THIS VIOLATES THE COPYRIGHT AND YOU WILL BE HELD LIABLE FOR THIS VIOLATION. This does not restrict the owner from allowing another person to use the TRAX memory card. In addition, the owner of the TRAX memory card may make a backup of their current card in case of damage. However, this backup will … Continue reading