Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

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Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

This issue could occur in Rino Series GPS units but also to other Garmins. Over the years, Garmin has allowed memory cards to be formatted in many different ways as well as supported many different memory card sizes. As our maps work in Garmin GPS units ranging from new to as old as 10 years old, we are always doing our  best to produce cards which will work in the … Continue reading

Memory Card Must Be Formatted To Work With This Device

Garmin released a new automotive GPS early in 2016. We have done some preliminary testing on a DriveSmart 60. On the model tested, we received a message saying “Memory Card Must Be Formatted.” It appears the DriveSmart units will not work with memory cards less than 1GB in size and they have to be formatted a specific way. There are two options: 1) The first option is to please put … Continue reading

Garmin Map Layers

The TRAX maps were designed to allow users the ability to turn off key areas/layers of the map. This allows a customized map experience with the level of detail desired. TRAX map layers are typically found under Setup – Map – Info. The navigation to this area varies for different Garmin units. Newer Garmin handhelds manufactured since 2013 may need a format change to view layers. You can read more about … Continue reading

New or Legacy Format

TRAX maps have always been designed as layered maps. This allows the user the ability to control certain major features/layers such as topography, roads, trails, water, sections, land, ownership, etc. However, in 2012 Garmin made a change to their handheld GPS units starting with the 62 series and Oregon 600 and Montana 600 series. This change allows the GPS to see multiple map files on the GPS. While doing this, they … Continue reading

Oregon (any Garmin touchscreen) GPS Missing TRAX Data

One of the most common support calls we get has to do with all Garmin touchscreen GPS models with the Oregon being the most common. The calls vary but it typically has to do with some of the TRAX elements appearing but not all of them. Some examples of display issues may be where the land shows but no roads show or section lines do not show. Garmin does not have a … Continue reading

Garmin BaseCamp

All TRAX maps (legacy format only) labeled version 5.2 or higher should be visible in the Garmin BaseCamp application. In order to view the map, it must be a Windows PC with BaseCamp already installed on the PC. Launch  BaseCamp Insert your TRAX map 5.2 or higher into your PC memory card reader, or insert the card into your Garmin GPS and connect it to the PC. In BaseCamp, use the … Continue reading

Garmin Topo Not Showing

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products does not test on all the Garmin and 3rd party maps to verify compatibility. We test on the units with their corresponding base maps. All maps sold by Garmin function as basemaps on the unit but the layer or layers they display upon can vary. TRAX maps are broken up into layers such as Topo, water, land, roads_major, roads_minor, land, owners, sections, etc. Garmin has 62 map layers … Continue reading

Garmin – GPS Functionality

One of the most common questions is will my GPS function as it always did once I put in my TRAX map. The answer is yes, the basic functionality of the GPS such as marking a waypoint, creating a trail/track all stays the same. This also applies to the ability to route to a destination on the Nuvis utilizing tne pre-loaded Garmin road map. What does change is the amount of … Continue reading

Garmin Map Legend/Key

Garmin Nuvi Reboots

If you are having issues with your Garmin GPS rebooting with a TRAX map in the unit, you may wish to update your firmware of your GPS unit. This can be done at Garmin. This is most likely to occur on automotive units. In particular the Nuvi 1450 is prone to this happening especially in areas with lots of Roads and potentially lots of private parcels such as in a … Continue reading