MTTRAX+ for Garmin

MTTRAX+ for Garmin

MTTRAX+ is a GPS Sportsman map containing the Montana features needed for virtually all outdoor activities. From finding pheasants in Wildlife Management Areas, to finding Elk on BLM land, to hiking in the mountains, it delivers. MTTRAX+ is a GPS BLM map on steroids right on your GPS.

TRAX+ maps combine the traditional features of a BLM map, Forest Service map, County Atlas and PLAT book, State Game and Fish, Road map, and Topographical map all into one easy to use map. Best of all, this map is live right on your GPS.

Compatible With:


County Roads
Forest Service Roads
Hiking Trails


Army Corps
Block Management Areas (BMA)
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Bureau of Reclamation (BOR)
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Department of Agriculture
Forest Service
National Parks
National Wildlife Refuges
Open Field Properties
State Parks
State Trust Land
Wildlife Management Areas
Streams & Rivers


Private Land Boundaries
Private Land Ownership: Name, City, and State - All of Montana
Contact Phone Numbers on 50% of Private Lands
Block Management Areas
Open Fields Areas
Fishing Access Sites
Big Game Units (Elk, Deer, Goat, Antelope, Sheep, and Moose)
Wilderness Areas


Geographic Points of Interest
Game and Fish Commissioners
24K topo

Product Type

  • TRAX+


  • Garmin

Delivery Method

  • microSD Card & Adapter


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  • Updated Block Management Areas as of 8-12-19
  • Updated Fishing Access Sites as of 8-12-19
  • Updated Open Fields and Game Bird Sites as of 8-12-19
  • Updated Wildlife Management Areas
  • Updated various FWP Easements and other lands
  • Added Burns (Fires) from 2018
  • Updated Forest Service Lands
  • Updated BMA lands to 11-14-18 (Last updated date for 2018)
  • Updated all Private Land Ownership
  • Refreshed Warden Information
  • Updated Block Management Areas as of 8-10-18
  • Refreshed Hunting units for 2018-2019
  • Added Burns (Fires) from 2017
  • Added American Prairie Reserve Deeded land which requires registration - 2017)
  • Updated all Public Lands
  • Updated BMA lands to 10-27-17 (Last updated date for 2017)
  • Updated all Private Land Ownership
  • Added WPA as separate land type vs including as National Wildlife Refuge (USFS)
  • Added Burns (Fires) from 2012 - 2016
  • Allow BMA as searchable POIs
  • Changed Private Land to Transparent for better Birds Eye Satellite Integration
  • Updated Block Management Areas as of 8-15-17
  • Updated Fishing Access Sites as of 8-15-17
  • Updated Open Fields and Game Bird Sites as of 8-15-17
  • Updated State Parks
  • Updated Wildlife Management Areas
  • Refreshed Public Lands
  • Refreshed Private Lands
  • Changed Wardens from Regional to District
  • Increased Private Owner Phone numbers by almost 10%
  • Updated Block Management Areas as of 8-15-16
  • Updated Open Fields as of 8-15-16
  • Updated Units for Sheep, Goat, Elk, Deer, Lion, Moose, and Antelope
  • Refreshed Public Lands
  • Refreshed Private Lands
  • Refreshed Lake Contours - Added 21 new lakes
  • Changed Background Layer to cover up GPS base map
  • Refreshed Block Management Areas as of 11-3-15
  • Added Open Fields Areas as of 11-3-15
  • Refreshed Block Management Areas as of 8-14-15
  • Added Open Fields Areas as of 8-14-15
  • Refreshed Private Lands Ownership
  • Added Game and Fish Commissioners with telephone numbers to regions
  • Added Nature Conservancy Areas
  • Refreshed Public Lands
  • Refreshed All Private Lands
  • Changed Parcel Data background to transparent to allow for better BirdsEye satellite integration
  • Unit Boundaries for Elk, Sheep, Goat, Bear, and Moose all updated for 2014-2015 seasons
  • Block Management Areas Refreshed to 10-10-14
  • Block Management Areas Refreshed for Fall 2014
  • Topo lines extended in a few areas to reach Montana border
  • Minor change to Forest Service lands in MT
  • Public land refresh
  • Private land refresh
  • Added Open Field Properties
  • Added decommissioned forest service roads
  • Additional Seeps/Springs added
  • Game Management Units Updated and added Moose zones
  • Additional private land ownership contact numbers increased from 48% to 50%
  • Additional Wetlands, Trails, and Units layer options added
  • Block Management Lands Added - 9/3/2013
  • Change made to phone number icons making sure the land owner's name is shown with phone number if available
  • Township, Range, and Section correction adding .5 townships and ranges along with a few other changes
  • All Forest Areas updated pulling data from USFS instead of BLM and stewardship database
  • Private Land Ownership Data Refreshed
  • Contact Telephone Numbers added (48% of private land records include phone numbers)
  • All Public Lands refreshed
  • Antelope and Bear Units Added
  • Road System refreshed
  • Wetlands and additional minor water sources added
  • New Background layer added to the map allowing one touch access to vital information such as Big Game Units, County, Township Range and Section, Wilderness Areas (Handheld only)
  • Layer Feature allowing turning off layers available on all Garmin units including newer style Garmins with map update
  • Additional Geographic Points of Interests added: cliffs, ridges, springs, valleys
  • Road, Trail, Major River, and Game Management Unit line widths were increased and colors changed to increase feature visibility
  • Township, Range and Section number format changed T14n R70w S16