Regional Product Update (TRAXWest and TRAXNW+)

Regional Product Update (TRAXWest and TRAXNW+)

By selecting this option, you can update your Western regional TRAX map for Garmin devices or the Northwest regional TRAX map using our Online Update Tool. You must use a Windows computer in order to run the update tool. Before purchasing this update, you should make sure you can update the product, by downloading our update application found here. The application should take you to the update if it is applicable, and then it is OK to continue purchasing the update. Previously the price to update a regional package has been $40. As of the 16.0 update, the online price for updates has been lowered to $30. All updates done via mail in will continue to be $40 ($43 for ND residents).


  • A Windows PC with internet Access
  • Garmin TRAX product 4.3 and higher
  • Regional maps of TRAXWest, TRAXWest+, or TRAXNW+ only
  • Valid regional map must be present in either memory card slot or in connected GPS


  • TRAX Update - West and NW


  • Garmin

Delivery Method

  • Digital Download