TRAXWest+ for Garmin

TRAXWest+ for Garmin

TRAXWest+ is a great value for the sportsmen who covers multiple Western states. It combines many of the key Western states including MT, WY, CO, NM, UT, AZ, and NV. In addition, ND is included at this time. The features of the TRAXWest+ map is the same as the individual state TRAX maps. Compatible With:


City Roads
County Roads
Township Roads
Hiking Trails


Walk In Acces - CO, MT ND, NM, WY, UT
Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA)
Wildlife Management Areas (WMA)
National Wildlife Refuges (NWR)
National and State Parks
State Forests
State Trust Lands
Bureau of Land Management
Bureau of Reclamation
Army Corp of Engineers
Tribal Lands
Military Lands (DOD)
Rivers & Streams


Private Land Ownership (Currently Available in different %'s for ND, MT, WY and NM. See the individual states for more details)
Contact Phone Numbers (Available for states and counties with private land owner detail for approximately 50-60% of private land records)
Section Lines
Township, Range and Section Numbers
Big Game Units
Wilderness Areas


Boat Ramps
Geographic Points
24K topo

NOTE: This product is a Bundle.

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  • TRAX+


  • Garmin

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  • microSD Card & Adapter


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See each individual state for a list of changes per state

  • Walk In Access Properties Refreshed Most States
  • Game Units/Zones Updated for most states
  • Updated Burns (Fires) from 2018
  • Refreshed Public Lands for most states
  • Changed Game Unit Boundaries to be visible on top of roads
  • Walk In Access Properties Refreshed Most States
  • Additional Forest Roads Added: CO, NM, and WY
  • Updated Burns (Fires) from 2017 to ND, MT, WY, CO, and NM
  • Added Burns (Fires) from 2012 - 2017 to AZ, UT, and NV
  • Refreshed Public Lands
  • Added Burns (Fires) from 2012 - 2016: ND, MT, WY, CO, and NM
  • Allow WIA (Walk In Access) as searchable POIs
  • Changed Private Land to Transparent for better Birds Eye Satellite Integration: MT, ND, NM, and WY (+ states)
  • Walk In Access Properties Refreshed Most States
  • Game Units Refreshed Most States
  • Public Lands Refreshed Most States
  • Game Units Refreshed Most States
  • Public Lands Refreshed
  • Game Units Refreshed
  • Walk In Access Properties Refreshed
  • Public Lands Refreshed
  • Game Units Refreshed
  • Background layer type changed due to issues of overlapping backgrounds in states such as Wyoming
  • MT: Block Management Areas refreshed - 11/3/15
  • NM: Zoom issue where areas around Albuquerque would show blank owner records
  • Walk In Areas refreshed in ID, MT, ND, and UT
  • Private Land Updates in MT, ND, NM, WY
  • Added Nature Conservancy Areas
  • Refreshed Public Lands
  • Updated Game Units
  • Changed Parcel Data background to transparent to allow for better BirdsEye satellite integration (ND, MT, WT, NM)
7.3 (Montana only)
  • Unit Boundaries for Elk, Sheep, Goat, Bear, and Moose all updated for 2014-2015 seasons
  • Block Management Areas Refreshed to 10-10-14
  • PLOTS in ND, Block Management in MT, and Walk in Access in UT updated
  • Minor change to Forest Service lands in MT

  • Public Land refreshed in most states
  • Game Management Units updated in most states
  • Additional Wetlands, Trails, and Units layer options added
  • Montana Block Management Lands Added - 9/3/2013
  • Walk In Access Areas updated for ND and UT
  • Forest Service Land updated for most states
  • Contact Name for Phone Numbers modified in some states
  • New Mexico: Parcel Land Boundaries missing in areas of Rio Arriba County
  • Minnesota and Idaho are no longer part of TRAXWest
  • Private Land Ownership Data Added or Refreshed (ND, MT, WY, and NM)
  • Contact Telephone Numbers added (45+% of private land records include phone numbers in ND, MT, WY, and NM)
  • All Public Lands refreshed
  • Additional Game Units Added
  • New Background layer added to the map allowing one touch access to vital information such as Big Game Units, County, Township Range and Section, Wilderness Areas (Handheld only)
  • Layer Feature allowing turning off layers available on all Garmin units including newer style Garmins with map update
  • Road, Trail, Major River, and Game Management Unit line widths were increased and colors changed to increase feature visibility
  • Township, Range and Section number format changed T14n R70w S16