Product Update Application

Product Update Application

The Garmin TRAX Map Updater is a convenient way for a TRAX customer to get an update to their Garmin TRAX product. Although our goal is to allow all maps to be updated via the update application there are some exceptions which still require the maps to be sent in to Kirsch’s Outdoor Products.  The following requirements are checked by the update application or are required for the update to be successful:


  1. Internet Access with limited security. It is not recommended to run the update inside a business network. Restrictive firewalls will prevent the update from downloading files inside the network.
  2. Operating System: Windows XP or newer
  3. .Net Framework 3.5 (Windows 10 users: If you have a PC which originally came with Windows 10, it most likely will only have .Net 4 installed. Go to Control Panel – Programs and Features – Turn on Windows Features and mark .Net Framework 3.5 and install, reboot computer and continue)
  4. TRAX Map must be version 4.4 or higher (ID, OR, WA, and TRAXNW+ must be 6.0 or higher)
  5. TRAX Map must be on original microSD card
  6. TRAX Map must not have grown in size greater than capacity of current card

Update Instructions:
Click here for a demonstration of the TRAX Map Updater.

  1.  Download the Garmin TRAX Map Updater. This only applies to the first update. After downloading and installing for future updates, start at step 3. Make sure all virus software and windows security allow the file to be opened or saved. If you select save, launch the installation by double-clicking it after saving If you choose open or run, it should automatically start.
  2. Once the installation begins, accept all default options. Most users will go to step 3. However, if the Microsoft .NET Framework is not loaded, the installation program should take you to load .NET. After .NET installation is complete, reboot your computer and start the TRAX Map Update Tool installation process again. For Windows 10 users, see #3 above.
  3. Upon the completion of the TRAX Map Updater install, insert your memory card into your PC card reader or insert it into your GPS and connect your GPS to your PC. If using your GPS for the update, some Garmins require the GPS be set to USB Mass Storage Mode in order to see the internal drive of the GPS. If using the SD adapter, make sure the lock on the side of the SD adapter is in the up (unlocked) position. If you have a choice between using the GPS or a memory card reader, use the reader.
  4. Launch the Garmin TRAX Map Updater from either the Start Menu or Programs – Kirschs Outdoor Products – Map Updater
  5. Select Next at the Welcome Screen
  6. Select the Drive containing the TRAX map and select Next
  7. Select the Product to update. Only mark the New Format option if you have a GPS manufactured after 2013 (eTrex 20, 30 or 35, GPSMap 62 or 64, Oregon 600 , Rino 650, or Montana 600 or higher model number) and do not use the Garmin BaseCamp application. include . All older style Garmins will not be able to read this New Format. All Garmins can read the legacy (unchecked) version. Select Next.
  8. If your map is from the same version such as updating from 6.0 to 6.1, the Updater will allow you to continue without any payment. If you are updating from an earlier version (for instance the current version is 6.1 and your version is 5.3), the updater will require you to purchase an update code. Single State Code or Regional Code (TRAXWest, TRAXWest+ and TRAXNW+). Add the purchase to your Cart and check out. Upon the completion of this process, you will get an Update Code via email to enter into the TRAX Map Updater. If you do not receive the code, check your SPAM or Junk folder. If you do not receive the code n 10 minutes, please contact (701) 261-9017. Type in your Code and Select Validate. If it is valid, the Next button will be available. Click Next.
  9. The Summary window will appear, select Next and your update will begin.  The progress bar may seem to freeze on some PCs. Please be patient and let the update complete as it is most likely still processing.
  10. When the update is completed, you will get a final window indicating your map update was successful, select Finish and your update is complete.

If you wish to update later in the same year as updates become available, simply launch the Updater Tool and repeat steps 4 – 10. The Updater Tool will not ask for payment and will allow you to update to the most version. If the most recent version has moved to the next version such as 6.1 to 7.0, you will be required to pay the update fee.

If for any reason you are having issues with this process, please call (701) 261-9017 or send an email to