FAQs and Tips

FAQs and Tips


Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

This issue could occur in Rino Series GPS units but also to other Garmins. Over the years, Garmin has allowed memory cards to be formatted in many different ways as well as supported many different memory card sizes. As our maps work in Garmin GPS units ranging from new to as old as 10 years old, we are always doing our  best to produce cards which will work in the broadest range of units.

With the release of the Garmin Drive units this year from Garmin, Kirsch’s Outdoor Products changed their TRAX memory card format for the first time. This change has been mostly positive. However, recent Garmin GPS units, as well as recent firmware updates, have caused some of cards to no be unrecognized by the GPS. We are continuing to research to find a format that can again work in virtually any Garmin. The issues seems the most common in Rino 650 and 750 style units.

There are two options:

The first option is to please put your product in a bubble mailer, and send it to us at: Kirsch’s Outdoor Products, 7915 Aquarius Drive, Fargo, ND 58104. Indicate your maps is not working. Include your make and model number of your Garmin, and we will get you a different card size with a different format and send it right back.

The second option is to format your memory card if it is 1GB or larger. Only proceed if you are very familiar with working with computers and formatting memory cards.

  1. Make a folder called TRAX on your Windows PC. Copy all the contents of the microSD card to the folder. 
  2. Find the memory card drive in My Computer and right-click it, and select Format. Make sure it is the memory card as incorrectly selecting the wrong drive would erase all data on your computer.
  3. Select FAT for the type, and format the card
  4. Copy all contents inside the TRAX folder of your computer back to the card. This will only work for the original card purchased as the map is locked to that card.

Garmin BaseCamp

All TRAX maps (legacy format only) labeled version 5.2 or higher should be visible in the Garmin BaseCamp application. In order to view the map, it must be a Windows PC with BaseCamp already installed on the PC.

  1. Launch  BaseCamp
  2. Insert your TRAX map 5.2 or higher into your PC memory card reader, or insert the card into your Garmin GPS and connect it to the PC.
  3. In BaseCamp, use the maps drop-down option and select the TRAX map shown.

There are known drawing issues with BaseCamp where layering causes issues. Many water resources show behind land elements and at times land elements appear and disappear. This is not an issue with the TRAX map but issues with BaseCamp handling a map with multiple layers. Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to change this. Changing the level of detail may change when elements appear and disappear, so increasing or decreasing detail may help provide the desired result at different various zoom levels.  BaseCamp can not be used to transfer the mapset to another device and Garmin has crippled the printing functionality for all 3rd party maps.

If the TRAX mapset is the new format, one layer is visible at a time in BaseCamp. Unless BaseCamp changes their tool to allow selecting multiple layers, there is no way around this without updating the map to the Legacy format.

Garmin Compatability

If your Garmin GPS has a microSD/SD card slot, it should work with a TRAX map.

Nuvi Series (Known exceptions: 200, 250, 260, and 650 are not compatible)
Drive Series (Memory card size issue)
Oregon Series
Dakota 20
GPSMAP 60Cx and 60CSx
GPSMAP 62s and 62st
GPSMAP 64s and 64st
eTrex Vista Cx and HCx
eTrex Legend Cx and HCx
eTrex Venture Cx and  HCx
eTrex 20 and 30
Montana Series
Astro Series
Alpha Series
Rino Series (Must accept memory card)
zūmo Series
aera Series (aera 500 tested)
Colorado 300 and higher

**Monterra: We have not tested on this GPS at this time. However an early report for this Android based Garmin GPS has indicated, the basic features such as lands and roads do show up. However, some of the land ownership icons do not appear to be working and many private ownership names are being cutoff due a restricted number of characters for the text. In addition, layering control does not appear to be an option at this time.

Garmin fish finder/sonar units ARE NOT COMPATBILE

Older style Garmin units such as the IQUE and Street Pilots may have issues with the security portion of the TRAX maps. Some maps work and some do not. Also the color palette does not work correctly on the older style units.

Memory Card Must Be Formatted To Work With This Device

Garmin released a new automotive GPS early in 2016. We have done some preliminary testing on a DriveSmart 60. On the model tested, we received a message saying “Memory Card Must Be Formatted.” It appears the DriveSmart units will not work with memory cards less than 1GB in size and they have to be formatted a specific way.

There are two options:
1) The first option is to please put your product in a bubble mailer, and send it to us at: Kirsch’s Outdoor Products, 7915 Aquarius Drive, Fargo, ND 58104. Indicate you have a Drive series GPS from Garmin and we will get you a different card size with a different format and send it right back to.

2) If you have a memory card reader and the card is 1GB or larger, you can try the following. Make a folder called drivesmart on your Windows PC. Copy all the contents of the microSD card into that folder. Put the microSD card back in the DriveSmart GPS, and say Yes to format the card. Remove the card after formatting and place it back into your memory card reader. Copy the contents from the drivesmart folder back on the card. This is not a recommended option but can work in certain circumstances.


Larger Capacity Cards

The largest capacity cards Kirsch’s Outdoor Products utilizes for development of Garmin maps are 2GB memory cards. We do not recommend or support having multiple maps on the same card. Some of the reasons include:

  1. Many Garmin units have a programmed limit of map sizes of 2GB.
  2. Many Garmin do not allow multiple map sets to exist on one card.
  3. The update tool and update process would not work correctly if multiple maps existed on one card.

Merging Garmin Maps

We get numerous requests asking if other Garmin maps can be merged to TRAX maps . Some of the common examples include wanting Garmin City Navigator maps on a handheld along with the TRAX maps. Kirsch’s Outdoor Products does not claim compatibility with any additional Garmin map sets. Also, it is highly recommended you do not write any additional mapsets to your TRAX card. This is due to the fact that Garmin maps do not merge, they overwrite, so you may be in danger of overwriting your existing TRAX map.

In addition, if you write other maps to our card (assuming there is room) and run the update process, all Garmin maps will be removed from the card.