Garmin Compatability

Garmin Compatability

If your Garmin GPS has a microSD/SD card slot, it should work with a TRAX map.

Nuvi Series (Known exceptions: 200, 250, 260, and 650 are not compatible)
Drive Series (Memory card size issue)
Oregon Series
Dakota 20
GPSMAP 60Cx and 60CSx
GPSMAP 62s and 62st
GPSMAP 64s and 64st
eTrex Vista Cx and HCx
eTrex Legend Cx and HCx
eTrex Venture Cx and  HCx
eTrex 20 and 30
Montana Series
Astro Series
Alpha Series
Rino Series (Must accept memory card)
zūmo Series
aera Series (aera 500 tested)
Colorado 300 and higher

**Monterra: We have not tested on this GPS at this time. However an early report for this Android based Garmin GPS has indicated, the basic features such as lands and roads do show up. However, some of the land ownership icons do not appear to be working and many private ownership names are being cutoff due a restricted number of characters for the text. In addition, layering control does not appear to be an option at this time.

Garmin fish finder/sonar units ARE NOT COMPATBILE

Older style Garmin units such as the IQUE and Street Pilots may have issues with the security portion of the TRAX maps. Some maps work and some do not. Also the color palette does not work correctly on the older style units.

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