Garmin Topo Not Showing

Garmin Topo Not Showing

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products does not test on all the Garmin and 3rd party maps to verify compatibility. We test on the units with their corresponding base maps. All maps sold by Garmin function as basemaps on the unit but the layer or layers they display upon can vary.

TRAX maps are broken up into layers such as Topo, water, land, roads_major, roads_minor, land, owners, sections, etc. Garmin has 62 map layers on a GPS. TRAX maps typically use the last 13 layers which are the highest transparent layers (last 31 layers) and one that is not transparent category in the middle of these layers (first 31 layers). In general, all or most Garmin basemap elements, including topo, will be covered up by the TRAX map layers. The first thing to try is under Map Information (usually found under Setup – Map) to turn off the TRAX_Background layer first. If this doesn’t work, the other layers which could interfere include the Land, Water, and Ownership layer. These layers all contain polygon elements which would cover up base elements such as topo lines on the Garmin map and any or all could be turned off and the base map layers would appear. If you need topo lines to work with a TRAX map, it is highly recommended you purchase a TRAX+ version of our product which comes with a 24K topo layer.

Although, the elements may be covered up, the Garmin GPS units will still function as it always would and route following the basemap features which are being covered up but are still there.

It has been reported, however, 3-D shading does show through. This way if you have a Garmin 3-D topo map and a TRAX map with all layers on, you would see all the TRAX elements and still see the Garmin 3-D shading for Topo which would give the map a nice effect. This has not been tested and is not officially supported but this has been reported to work by customers.

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