Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

Maps Won’t Display On GPS (Rino series)

This issue could happen in Rino Series GPS units but to any Garmin. Over the years, Garmin has allowed memory cards to be formatted in many different as well as supported many different memory card sizes. As our maps work in GPS ranging from new to as old as 10 years old, we are always doing our  best to produce cards which will work in the broadest range of units.

With the release of the Garmin Drive units this year from Garmin, Kirsch’s Outdoor Products changed their TRAX memory card format for the first time. This change has been mostly positive. However, recent Garmin GPS units as well as recent firmware updates have caused some of cards to no be unrecognized by the GPS. We are continuing to research to find a format that can again work in virtually any Garmin.

There are two options:

The first option is to please put your product in a bubble mailer, and send it to us at: Kirsch’s Outdoor Products, 7915 Aquarius Drive, Fargo, ND 58104. Indicate your maps is not working. Include your make and model number of your Garmin, and we will get you a different card size with a different format and send it right back.

The second option is to format your memory card if it is 1GB or larger. Only proceed if you are very familiar with working with computers and formatting memory cards.

  1. Make a folder called TRAX on your Windows PC. Copy all the contents of the microSD card to the folder. 
  2. Find the memory card drive in My Computer and right-click it, and select Format. Make sure it is the memory card as incorrectly selecting the wrong drive would erase all data on your computer.
  3. Select FAT for the type, and format the card
  4. Copy all contents inside the TRAX folder of your computer back to the card. This will only work for the original card purchased as the map is locked to that card.

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