New or Legacy Format

New or Legacy Format

TRAX maps have always been designed as layered maps. This allows the user the ability to control certain major features/layers such as topography, roads, trails, water, sections, land, ownership, etc. However, in 2012 Garmin made a change to their handheld GPS units starting with the 62 series and Oregon 600 and Montana 600 series. This change allows the GPS to see multiple map files on the GPS. While doing this, they broke the ability of the GPS to read one map file with multiple layers. Due to this, Kirsch’s Outdoor Products has two map formats available. The version we sell in stores is called the Legacy format.

Legacy Format:

  • Works in all Garmins
  • Provides layer support for most automotive Nuvis and Handhelds manufactured before 2012
  • Works in Basecamp

New Format:

  • Designed for Garmin GPS manufactured after 2012
  • Provides layer support on most Garmin GPS units manufactured after 2012
  • Only allows one layer to be selected at a time in Basecamp
  • Will not run on older Garmin units

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