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NDTRAX Testimonials

I was thoroughly impressed with the NDTRAX map. I went to a couple of new areas that I have never driven before and the chip guided me to roads I did not even know were there. It was awesome. I ended up getting into a place where I will be hunting when I go out. Very impressed. I felt very confident and will feel confident when I am scouting or hunting the edges of private and public lands. It is a must have if you hunt in the badlands. I have only scratched the surface on the chip and the details of the land it is marking. – Steve Zarr – Chapter Chair, Mule Deer Foundation

I bought the NDTRAX chip with PLOTS and public land and lake depth contours and WOW! For a computer illiterate idiot like me, it is easy to use and really works! I even use it in my plane to watch the lake depths and PLOTS land go by. The only trouble with it in the plane is that I play with the darned thing too much and don’t watch out the window as much as I should to dodge flocks of geese and last night a kamikaze heron! But that’s my fault, not the GPS! Discovering more stuff on it every day. – Bob

The NDTRAX chip was the best addition to my Garmin Oregon 300 that money can buy as a avid hunter. Scouting for new land to hunt on and following the movement of plots land has never been easier, this GPS map covers: WMA, WPA, PLOTS and public land. It is very accurate and finding new hunting land is simply now a breeze. Say good by to looking at your old maps and guides – you will never go back! – Jack Sitter – Field Staff, Foiles Migrators Inc.

Your GPS map has been the most beneficial addition to my electronics. I bought the Trax map for my Garmin GPS to fish Devils Lake. I have had really good success with my dad. We found a spot with it in Oct and made 10 trips back to the spot till Nov 1st with our limits in under an hour 8 out of 10 times. – Jon

Excellent product. Just completed a week long hunt in the badlands, and can’t express how great NDTRAX is. Worked great using my Lowrance H20c gps. Thanks for the great product Kirsch’s Outdoor Products! – Shad Stoddard

NDTRAX worked great for us! We accessed a lot of places we would have never figured out with the conventional PLOT map. Birds counts seemed significantly down so new areas were a must for our success. We got em’ but we hunted harder than in the past. – Randy Pearson – Ogden, Utah

Excellent product! It served me flawlessly! – Gary Sundeen

Took it out pheasant hunting in October for 11 days and was amazed at how it worked. The other 8 guys with me liked it so much I think you might have a couple more interested in your product. – Rudy Walker

I bought a NDTrax chip for my nuvi gps last fall, and, used it to find plots lands, private, and, grassland areas to hunt mule deer. This chip is amazing !! It is dead-on accurate, and, very user friendly !! I just plugged it into my gps, and, I was off and running ! It showed the boundary lines for private, State. and, National grasslands to the square foot ! If there was a boundary line at a cattle guard, it showed on the map as soon as you hit the cattle guard ! I’m Very impressed, and, extremely happy with this system. If your an outdoor enthusiast at all, I highly recommend looking at getting one of these chips ! I’ve told a few friends about them, and, they are also very happy with it. – Paul Tinjum

MNTRAX Testimonials

Once I heard about MNTRAX I had to have it and try it out. I did some test runs looking for all the public hunting opportunities in the areas I had been hunting for years and was amazed at how much land I had been missing out on. I then contacted Kirsch’s Outdoor Products to request the same type of chip for Wyoming, because I had an elk hunting trip coming up. They were able to get me a chip for Wyoming which had all of the public land mapped out, which is a must have when you are in the mountains and there are no fences or posted signs to tell you whether you are on public land. – Jon Luschen

I bought MNTRAX primarily for two reasons: to find any and all public land that I could hunt in MN and because the topo info I had for White Earth Lake was not too great. … and I just got a new Garmin so thought I would try it out. The WMAs and WPAs were spot on and looked good as well as other public lands. I had no idea I went past so much public land on the way to the lake. – Scott Engel – Hot SpotOutdoors Specialist

MTTRAX Testimonials

Montana is a great destination for hunting, but their Game, Fish and Parks department doesn’t make finding their public hunting locations easy. Fortunately, MTTRAX fills in all of the gaps allowing for a much more productive trip. There were times when MTTRAX got us to locations we’d have never found otherwise and other times when it verified that we were indeed in the right spot. I have used similar products for other states and regions, but found them greatly inferior to your system. I can’t wait to get out into the field and use it again. – Clay Thompson – Sales Manager, SportDOG

Last year was our first year out deer hunting in Montana and the MTTRAX was a blessing to have when crossing fence lines and making sure we stayed on the property we were supposed to be on!! Awesome product! – Marty Steffens

Love my MTTRAX!!!!!!!!!! No more guessing where we are in the mountains, or on the open plains. The landowner info and hunting districts shown on the screen are priceless. It’s a thousand times easier to use than the 50 plus maps I’ve gathered over the years. You don’t have to be a computer genius to use it either. Everyone who has seen mine I’m sure has bought your product. Loved the fast service, pleasure doing business with you. – Paul Lindsoe, Headwaters Seat Covers

I previously owned the Montana map for my Garmin GPS created by your competitor. A friend of mine had MTTRAX and it’s much better. It is more detailed and more useful. I couldn’t see the property lines on the one I had and so I am switching to MTTRAX. – Tim Whitney, Montana

I have been using your chip in my Garmin 655t for the past year for business and hunting purposes. My job requires me to visit houses with peculiar addresses that are not always easy to find. Your chip saves me hours, not minutes, per case because I can locate owners and phone numbers while I am in the field to get results quickly. I can drive down unmarked roads with confidence that I am not lost and easily reconcile my exact location. Here in Montana, it snowed five inches on May 23d; you can’t afford to get lost in an isolated area for even a brief period of time. Your original product and enhancements are invaluable for people who want to know who owns what property in order to show respect for their privacy and contact them in a professional manner. Best regards, John Delaney, Montana

I am more than impressed with the customer service provided by your company. You have my vote and recommendation to anyone looking for outdoor GPS mapping. Your MTTRAX program is a staple when it comes to my hunting expeditions. Everything from finding backwoods roads to what hunting area I am in is right at my fingertips. Everyone who enjoys the outdoors should have this program. Brian Holm

WYTRAX Testimonials

At the moment I am about halfway across Wyoming! I have made this trip a few times, all of which have included seeing hundreds and hundreds of game animals! Every time we wonder if we can hunt the land. Now as we travel across Wyoming we are able to see which land is state owned, BLM, or even landowners in programs. It takes years and years out of scouting, and actually ensures your feet are legal! Another thing to consider is land tracts are not always square to the road, in many cases land sections are angled and almost impossible for hunters to tell where they start and end unless you have a map, or Trax maps! On this trip I am alone and WYTRAX actually is a safety feature! I would recommend adding Trax maps to a vehicle mounted GPS. I know for a fact WYTRAX helped in my success! – Mike Svaleson

I have hunted out of state many times over the years but having WYTRAX for my Garmin 62s really made for an enjoyable hunt. It helped beyond a shadow of a doubt in delineating between public and private lands. I will never be without it hunting in MT or ND either for that matter. Thanks for an outstanding product and service!!” – Shane Jordan

I’ve used the TRAX products in ND, WY & MT.  I’ve owned other “chips” but the TRAX maps beat the other’s hands down – – not to mention they have top notch customer service.  Using TRAX products, my son, brother & I have made the most out of hunting public land and finding key walk-in areas of private land such as ND-PLOTS & MT Block Mgmt. TRAX maps have helped us stay on the “right side of the fence” for elk, antelope, upland game, mule & whitetail deer and lead us to success many times. Duane Ziegler

NMTRAX Testimonials

These maps are a must have for anyone that hunts or just enjoys the out doors! They have literally saved my bacon, we were hunting in New Mexico , if it would not have been for Koreys mapping program, we would have hunted unmarked Indian ground. The program showed us the exact boundary. I have, WY, ID, UT and COTRAX. I also have the P/C mapping programs. Its great for scouting an area from home. I plan to add all the western states as they become available. Thanks for making such a fine product!!!! – Kerry Carver – Owner, Carver Predator Calls LLC

I’ve got the NM version (NMTRAX) and I can’t begin to tell you how many times it’s saved my back on finding pockets of public ground, terrain features, two-track roads that aren’t on any maps that I know of, etc… I use it on a daily basis. It’ll save your bacon on land trespass disputes, when you can clearly show that you are standing on BLM, State, etc… I didn’t use a singe BLM map at this year’s PM Hunt in Las Cruces. Just my GPS and NMTRAX software. – Tony Tebbe, Predator University

NVTRAX Testimonials

I purchased your Nevada Maps and I want to say:

1. I love the maps.
2. They are far more accurate than onXMaps.

I was out at Iron Gate Mine today in Mineral County, which is a patented claim (private property). Your map clearly shows it’s not BLM, but onXMaps it shows it to be BLM. I could have made a mistake being there had I not double checked it with your maps. I used your maps again today, very reliable and I freaking love them. I only wish I had found them sooner. I have already talked to one other friend who said he is going to look at your maps over onXMaps. I told him how I have been using both your map and another map and that your map is much more reliable. Bob

TRAXWest Testimonials

The TRAXWest program works flawlessly!! We put it to the test through 3 states on a coyote hunting trip. I’m very impressed. It’s very, very accurate and I love the colors. You hit a home run again. I really like that it has the states that it does on one chip. Thanks for making such a fine product. I did not find one flaw anywhere I went. It was dead on and all the land was marked perfect. – Kerry Carver – Owner, Carver Predator Calls LLC

The TRAXWest map worked great.  It was invaluable in determining our location within the checker board ownership we were hunting in NW Colorado.  We lost reception for about 5 minutes and we felt lost.  I can honestly say I probably would have missed my opportunity  at my CO buck had I not had your chip. I put your chip in my Garmin Nuvi and it worked great.  It was fun watching the different ownerships go by as we traveled from ND to CO and then onto MT.  I would recommend  your chip to everyone that has a need to know the different land ownerships. Be it a hunter, hiker, realtor or contractor.  Thanks again – Charles Bosch

IDTRAX Testimonials

A few weeks back, we exchanged a series of emails about your IDtrax software for my Garmin etrex GPS. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the excellent product and personal customer service.  Your map software made it possible for me to accomplish a “bucket list” item and hike to a trail-less mountain lake and catch my first ever golden trout.

I’ve included a few pictures so you can see what you helped me accomplish.  I am very grateful–it was an incredibly difficult hike, but the rewards were worth it. If ever the need arises, you may use me as a reference for your company and products.  I’m very impressed. Take care, Kelly Palmer, Troy, MT